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Expert-led employee training

Investing in your staff’s skillsets is key to any successful business strategy. Proper training helps you maintain a competitive edge and meet your business objectives. However, it’s no easy task to provide up-to-date advancement programs that can scale without draining resources.

Let us manage your workforce training and development, from large learning programs and training projects to single course development. We’ll assess your organization’s culture and the impacts of change and deliver engaging, blended learning programs that help employees do their jobs.

Support at every business location

Partnering with us gives you the flexibility to focus on core business needs while we handle all learning and development tasks. Using our resources and experiences, we’ll create and deliver custom training content for your employees locally and globally. Our services include:

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Learning management system administration

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Training logistics planning and support

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Learning needs analysis

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Custom content creation

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E-learning and gamification

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Training delivery

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Enterprise resource planning training

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Soft skills training

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Learning portal development

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Training outsourcing

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Our learning and development process

We translate complicated technical processes and soft-skill requirements into well-defined and easy-to-understand content. Each program is created according to our proven methodology.

Needs analysis

Your teams and their existing processes are reviewed to help build custom learning programs.

Project leadership

We collaborate with key stakeholders and project owners to ensure the learning program aligns with transformation initiatives.

Blended learning

Using a mix of instructional strategies, we build best-in-class learning solutions that meet the needs of all workers.

Customized materials

We incorporate role-specific, day-in-the-life scenarios that are tailored to your unique business requirements.

Drive engagement with digital experiences.

E-learning solutions use energetic videos, interactive tools, 3D environments and games to immerse trainees. We can quickly design and deploy e-learning solutions tailored to the development needs of diverse audiences.

Defining what great looks like

Outlining job roles and required skills help employees reach competency and proficiency fast. By determining where teams need to improve, we provide the necessary training and organizational support to achieve:

Accelerated performance improvement

Set and communicate expectations, and give management teams the right coaching tools.

Stronger focus on
business results

Ensure your training programs are aligned and focused on areas of highest
business value.

expectations better

Change underlying employee behaviors to meet expectations faster with less involvement.

Enhancing workforce performance

Your workforce is a key component to your success. We study star performers, identify their best practices and teach others to adopt the most effective and efficient ways to improve performance.

For your learning and development program, we’ll:

  • Identify training gaps to create new sessions that improve proficiency.
  • Establish a module for ongoing communication and training updates.
  • Create a central repository of content and business process information.
  • Launch a new hire training program to reduce time to competency.

Adopting the latest technologies

Give your workforce everything it needs to succeed with new solutions. We’ll prepare your teams to successfully adopt the latest technologies, so you can see the return on investment faster.

  • SAP S/4HANA logo


    Once the SAP® S/4HANA® enterprise resource planning system is implemented on a technical level, your teams must learn new skills and processes in order to reap its benefits. We’ll prepare your team to make the most of new tools and procedures.

    Our strategy is built around five change management best practices: project team effectiveness, executive alignment and sponsorship, stakeholder and organizational readiness, communication, and education.

  • SAP logo


    SAP software platforms, including SAP Enable Now, allow organizations to gain a competitive edge by harnessing the power of data. We’ll help you realize the full value of your SAP investment by preparing your team for its interface, tools and processes.

    Our five-pillar approach aligns your team around shared goals, engages the right stakeholders at the right time, communicates high-level strategy, trains your end users and measures progress toward key benchmarks.

  • Microsoft Office 365 logo

    Microsoft Office 365

    The transformation to Microsoft® Office 365® requires planning, alignment, support and adoption to reach planned targets. We use a proven, four-pronged approach that includes training, communication, end-user support and measurement.

    Our packaged offerings for change and adoption include readiness workshops, communication strategy, end-user training development and simulation packages.

  • Microsoft SharePoint logo

    Microsoft SharePoint

    Lack of end-user adoption is the primary reason for failed implementations. Our organizational change management program and implementation services ensure your employees are prepared for and able to sustain these changes.

    We offer end-to-end and Microsoft SharePoint® services to help you take full advantage of these technologies. Our capabilities span SharePoint design services, audience configuration, user engagement analytics, consulting support and issue resolution.

Let’s be ambitious together.

Discover how you can harness the power of innovation in our consulting sessions. We’ll help you assess, deploy and manage your next-generation solutions.


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