Dr. patient bedside dicussion using tablet

Offer better bedside care.

Your organization has been challenged to improve patient care at the bedside. Let us help you integrate in-room technology that assists with real-time treatment and medication administration.

Nurse talking to young patient sitting in a wheelchair

Provide more accurate care.

We have devices that will help you capture and share patient information with other caregivers — to ensure more accurate care.

Change the possibilities of healthcare with the IoT.

The new era of healthcare requires technology that extends care beyond the clinic or hospital. Evolving with the Internet of Things (IoT) helps modernize your health systems. See how the IoT can improve patient care.

Healthcare and the internet of things.

Deliver more effective care.

With devices and equipment used in the hospital room and at the bedside, caregivers will securely access information in real time to deliver more effective care.

Nurse caring for a patient in their hospital bed


Review patient data instantly with technology on a cart or mounted to a wall, and provide better bedside care.

Nurse working on tablet in the hospital


Resolve workflow concerns by instantly updating your patient database from the point-of-care.

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Access and transmit Electronic Health Records (EHRs) in real time — in a completely secure IT environment.

See how we can help your organization.